About Me

Hi there. I'm Kate, and I'm using this blog to share a bit about my life and the journey I'm on to be more mindful in my everyday life. To me, simple living is about what Scott Russell Sanders calls "local care." I believe in small actions that help improve the lives of the people and the environment around me. I believe in appreciating joyful moments, common courtesy, and the golden rule. 

I write about my knitting projects, cooking adventures, time spent outdoors, and complications in life that make it hard to stay consistent. I write about what it means to embrace my faults and unexpected obstacles as well as progress and accomplishments. 

This blog was inspired by my experiences living in rural, upstate New York. There, for the first time in my life, I saw people growing vegetable gardens in their backyards, making homemade soap, and hanging clothes out to dry on a clothesline. Looking back, I see how oddly sheltered my life had been before that time. I could access information and build friendships entirely online, but when it came to these basic tasks, I was clueless. What started out as a series of experiments just for fun turned into a different way of trying to live my life. 

I've lived all across this country, but I'm currently residing in the central valley of California with my husband. I'm an educator at heart and by profession.

Thank you for reading my little blog. Enjoy!

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